Dry skin? Compromised skin barrier? We’ve got you covered. Our Plant Ceramide is our most rich and luxurious moisturizer yet. A crowd favorite, this cream intensely nourishes skin, leaving it soft, smooth and supple. It leaves a gorgeous dewy glow and is never greasy; it wears well under makeup too! Read more about Plant Ceramide Rich Moisture Cream.

The skin acts as a living shield or barrier, to prevent transepidermal water loss and dynamically regulate permeability. The main contributor of this barrier is the intercellular lipids organized in continuous lamellar bilayers in the stratum corneum, the uppermost layers of the epidermis.These highly ordered and densely packed lipids between the corneocytes are primarily composed of 3 lipid constituents: ceramides (50%), cholesterol (27%), and fatty acids (10%). Ceramides, the primary building blocks of the lipid bilayers, are structurally and physiologically important to the skin, contributing to skin firmness and dictating skin permeability. These crucial bioactive sphingolipids are responsible for skin’s hydration, protection, and overall health. They also act as signaling lipids, influencing the entire condition of the skin.1 Ceramide levels decrease with age, which can lead to skin’s decreased ability to retain moisture and increased sensitivity.2 A number of skin conditions are linked to deficiencies in these essential lipids, including eczema and psoriasis. Surprisingly, acneic skin can also show decreased ceramide levels, as skin barrier dysfunction coupled with triggering events can lead to symptoms of acne.3 The use of ceramide-containing moisturizers can enhance or complement an acne regimen, by reducing irritation and inflammation and improving the condition of the skin. Topical ceramides are powerful biomimetic lipids that can benefit all skin types, fortifying the skin barrier imparied by excessive cleansing, over exfoliation, sun exposure, external stressors, and harsh skincare treatments; unfortunately, ceramides are very large, lipophilic molecules that are difficult to penetrate the skin without permeation enhancers or novel carrier systems.4


Our Plant Ceramide Rich Moisture Cream delivers plant-derived ceramides to the skin in lamellar liquid crystals or liposomes, to enhance biocompatibility, allowing penetration into the skin. These replenishing lipids restore skin’s water-holding capacity to provide immediate and long-lasting hydration, which improves the skin’s complexion, texture, and appearance. By reinforcing the skin barrier, ceramides also help the skin fight environmental aggressors, reducing skin sensitivity. Our luxurious rich cream also provides essential fatty acids, Linoleic Acid (Omega-6) and Linolenic Acid (Omega-3), referred to as vitamin F. These essential fatty acids have a natural affinity for the skin and hydrate the epidermis, reduce skin microrelief, increase elasticity, and decrease uneven skin texture.

Our formula is based on a lamellar system composed of phospholipids to create a second skin, mimicking the stratum corneum for better biocompatibility, decreased transepidermal water loss, and increased bioavailability of bioactives. It also contains fermented sugarcane, olive esters, and Abysinnian oil to aid in an overall healthy complexion. This nourishing cream provides skin with necessary building blocks to restore the skin’s hydration, softness, and smoothness. Our Plant Ceramide Rich Moisture Cream targets dehydrated, flaky, and dull skin without feeling greasy.



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Plant Ceramide Rich Moisture Cream


50 G / 1.7 OZ

Our nourishing, rich moisture ceramide cream is formulated with plant-derived ceramides, that help restore and support ...

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